About Us

Founded in 2004, Eyewitness drew on its founder’s decades of previous security expertise just as video surveillance was becoming a viable—and vital—security option for proactive business owners. In 2015, Eyewitness expanded into the recycling world with the acquisition of Watchdog Security and has since provided security solutions to businesses in the commercial and industrial industries. 

Eyewitness has continued that spirit of innovation in not only embracing the needs of more and more industries, but also in expanding technology solutions that go beyond traditional surveillance and allow businesses to have control of their security, operations, and safety.    


9,100+ live cameras

monitored by surveillance experts

150+ years

of combined security experience

600+ sites & 200 million

square feet of property secured every night

200+ client video

retrievals per month

12,000+ hours of footage

reviewed monthly to check workman’s compensation claims, review possible damage, and audit employee performance

Monitoring $30 billion in physical assets including:


Inventory and assets








Perimeter lines

Our Core Values


Act as a Team

We are a team and we rely on one another. Accountability is paramount. We are only as good as our collective effort. Only through collaboration can we continue to raise the bar.


Act With Integrity

We do not fear to make challenging decisions or take actions when guided by honesty and accurate information. Every recommendation and every product is made with the best interests of our customers and our colleagues in mind.


Be Solutions Driven

We do not face problems. We face challenges. Challenges have solutions. There is a solution out there; we just need to find it. Take ownership, take responsibility, and hold yourself accountable.


Commit and Deliver

High standards and positive energy are infectious to others, especially when we follow through on our commitments to our standards.

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