Thank You to Emergency Responders

In the midst of widespread uncertainty and constant change, Eyewitness wants to take a moment to send our gratitude and appreciation to first responders who do not have the luxury of taking a break from the danger and crisis. These heroic people on the front lines exhibit resolve and dedication each day to keep us and our customers safe. Police, EMT and firefighters are not only dealing with the influx of issues COVID-19 brings, but also the fact that the regular problems of the world do not slow down or stop for a pandemic.

People still get sick and injured, fires pay quarantines no heed and stay at home orders do not stop criminals from taking advantage during trying times. To the contrary, mounting desperation often brings an increase in crime and theft. From our Tactical Operations Center, we monitor hundreds of incidents nightly, deterring countless intruders with audio warnings and escalating to police dispatches for non-compliant individuals.

We are grateful to our partners in law enforcement, who have been dispatching diligently to protect our customers’ property and have not missed a beat while also trying to manage work and school from home, as we all do. From deterring wheel thieves at one dealership to arresting intruders at a recycling yard to keeping shopping centers safe and secure from prowlers, Eyewitness cannot thank our police partners across the nation enough.


Times may be uncertain and we are all feeling the strain, but we are thankful to those who step up and serve each day, all while balancing the needs of their families. We will continue to do our part monitoring and protecting properties and livelihoods, but recognize that it is truly through this cooperation and collaboration that we all are able to provide safety and security.

We are stronger together and Eyewitness is grateful for those ensuring our safety, our health and our protection – bringing a feeling of calm and certainty amid otherwise chaotic times.

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