The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for April 6, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 03.30.20 to 04.05.20

North Riverside, IL – Reported 03.31.20

Six Men Steal Car from Service

Three members of a six-person gang were arrested after stealing a Sentra from a dealership service area. Police say the criminals pulled on door handles until they found one unlocked, the Nissan Sentra, and drove off with it. The stolen car remains missing. (Original story

Collierville, TN – Reported 04.01.20

Memphis Area Thieves Expand

The ongoing issue with a large auto theft ring has continued to grow past Memphis proper and extend its reach outward. Recently, a dealership in Collierville reported a stolen a vehicle while another nearby location had 15 people rush on and cause massive damage. Nine dealerships have been hit in the past ten days, with one location even targeted twice. (Original story

Kennewick, WA – Reported 04.01.20

Thief Steals Keys, Tools

At some point over the past weekend, the window to a dealership was smashed open and tools and a set of car keys stolen. Later that week, when conducting a traffic stop for a man driving on a suspended license, police located the dealership’s stolen items on his person. (Original story

Bradenton, FL – Reported 04.01.20

Five RVs Worth $200K Stolen

A coordinated group of thieves managed to steal over $200,000 worth of property from a dealership in the form of five RVs after cutting the lock to the lot’s gate. (Original story

Westport, MA – Reported 04.01.20

Scrap Fire Causes $200K in Damages

A fire originating at a metal scrap yard took some time to be contained as firefighters battled flames for over 90 minutes. Because of its excessive heat (it being a Titanium fire), the blaze caused structural damage to a building on the lot as well as destroying many of its contents. (Original story

Greenwich, CT – Reported 04.02.20

Two Arrested for Attempted BMW Theft

After breaking into a BMW dealership, two men from the Bronx have been arrested for attempted theft. When police arrived, they had already damaged the vehicle they were trying to steal and attempted to flee. Upon apprehension, officers determined them to be a part of a sophisticated car theft ring that has been targeting the area. (Original story

Macon, GA – Reported 04.02.20

BMW Thief Arrested

A man caught on camera breaking into a dealership and stealing a brand-new 2020 BMW X5, as well as several other keys, was pursued and arrested by police. (Original story

Lake of the Ozarks, MO – Reported 04.02.20

Serial Thieves, Arsonists Arrested

Three men have been arrested for a string of business break-ins and building fries in the area. The criminals were located in a vehicle they had stolen from a dealership and had in their possession the keys to approximately 60 other cars in total from two dealerships. (Original story

Suffolk, VA – Reported 04.02.20

11 Cars Stolen from Dealership

Thieves hit one auto lot hard, stealing 11 vehicles in one night. The perpetrators broke through the dealership doors and ransacked offices, eventually grabbing keys and stealing the 11 cars. So far, only five vehicles have been recovered. Authorities believe this to be connected to a string of dealership burglaries in the area over the past month. (Original story

Memphis, TN – Reported 04.03.20

Nine Arrested in Connection to Thefts

Police have arrested nine juveniles, ranging in ages from 11 to 17, in connection with the ongoing dealership thefts in the area. Authorities believe there to be more associated thieves still unaccounted for, though, and urge businesses to remain cautious. (Original story

Portland, OR – Reported 04.03.20

Test Drive Thief

One Portland dealership is looking for a man who took a Ford on a test drive and just never returned. After realizing the man was not coming back, the dealership then determined the license given was fraudulent and the phone number was found to be to a disconnected line. (Original story

Newark, DE – Reported 04.03.20

Two Steal Tires, Sell on Facebook

Two men are under arrest after stealing four tires and rims from a car at a Newark dealership and putting them for sale on Facebook. (Original story

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