The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for February 03, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 01.27.20 to 02.02.20

Chicago, IL – Reported 01.27.20

Six Stolen from Service Shop

Chicago police report that six cars were stolen when someone broke through the gate of an auto repair shop at around 9 p.m. one night. (Original story)

Macon, GA – Reported 01.27.20

Missing Car Located after Taken by Employee

After identifying a car missing off the lot, a dealership manager and police tracked it to a parking lot about a week later, with an employee having illegally taken it. (Original story)

New Braunfels, TX – Reported 01.27.20

Two Arrested, One on the Run for Three Dealership Thefts

As a witness saw three subjects in the process of stealing three Dodge Durangos from a dealership overflow lot, police were called out and gave chase. Two cars that headed northbound were caught after crashing their cars, though the third took a different route and has not yet been found. (Original story)

Galesburg, IL – Reported 01.27.20

Thief Steals Seat

A customer who left her car at a dealership for a few days returned to find the mid-row seat missing. (Original story)

Charleston, SC – Reported 01.28.20

Cleaner is Serial Thief

A hired cleaner at a dealership took very gracious liberties one night, entering an employee office, stealing keys and driving away in a Volvo from the lot – all after looking directly into the business’s security camera. Later the same day, he was working again at the same dealership where he stole yet another car. (Original story)

Pasco, WA – Reported 01.28.20

BMW Stolen

Police are looking into the theft of a BMW (and its keys) from a dealership lot that was left unattended while having its battery charged. (Original story)

Bellesville, IL – Reported 01.29.20

Auto Shop Ransacked, Car and Customer Keys Stolen

Throwing a steel car part through the window of an auto service shop, thieves then ransacked the business, ultimately stealing around $3,000 worth of tools, the business checkbook, all customer keys plus a car from the lot. The owner reports the business does have cameras, but the power was cut or went out that night. (Original story)

Marlboro County, SC – Reported 01.29.20

Reward for Missing Vehicle

A $1,000 reward has been offered to track down a vehicle stolen from a local lot. (Original story)

Omaha, NE – Reported 01.29.20

Thieves Cause $100K in Damages, Steal Car and Cash

Three thieves who tried to first unsuccessfully steal two vehicles, finally made off with a third (and $10,000 in cash) and caused over $100,000 worth of damages. They left in their wake car keys scattered, offices broken into, and those two first ill-fated theft attempts resulted in expensive crashed cars. (Original story)

Shepherdsville, KY – Reported 01.29.20

Thief Steals Car, Returns it Hour Later

A joyrider had a bit of a change of heart, as security cameras show the subject stealing a BMW, only to bring it back an hour later. Owners didn’t even realize it had been missing until they noticed it was soiled and had its price stickers missing, prompting them to check the security footage. The suspect, despite returning the car, has been found and arrested. (Original story)

Monroe, LA – Reported 01.30.20

Wheel Theft at Auto Auction

One subject is being sought by police for the theft of wheels and tires from an SUV at an auto auction lot. (Original story)

Tacoma, WA – Reported 01.30.20

Vandal Breaks Windshields

A subject who went on a vandalism spree, throwing rocks and breaking windows at several businesses, also smashed in multiple car windshields at a dealership. (Original story)

Williston, VA – Reported 02.01.20

Scrap Fire Cause Under Investigation

Firefighters were on the scene to put out flames arising from a trailer filled with scrap metal at a recycling lot. Thanks to the sheer variety of scrap items, officials are still investigating into what might have sparked the blaze. (Original story)

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