The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for February 10, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 02.03.20 to 02.09.20

Annapolis, MD – Reported 02.03.20

Large Repair Shop Fire

From a loud boom sprung massive flames at the repair shop of an auto lot, as a transformer exploded, quickly engulfing vehicles. Several cars were lost to the flames and, interestingly, the owner reports this exact same thing happened five years ago as well. (Original story

Amarillo, TX – Reported 02.03.20

Truck Stolen

According to a news release, a Chevy Silverado was stolen from an Amarillo dealership during the last week of January. The vehicle is not reported to have had any registration tags. (Original story

Houston, TX – Reported 02.03.20

Three Arrested for $400K Stolen Luxury Cars

Atlanta police found three stolen vehicles, a Rolls Royce and two Maseratis, and were able to track them back to a dealership in Texas. They monitored the cars and arrested three individuals as they came back for them, then sending the $400,000 worth of stolen merchandise back to the Texas dealership. (Original story

Grayson County, VA – Reported 02.03.20

Pontiac Bandit

A used Pontiac was stolen from a dealership the night of Jan. 31, and police are asking for the public’s assistance in tracking it down. (Original story)

Greencastle, PA – Reported 02.03.20

Eight Wheels and Tires Taken

Eight wheels and tires were stolen off of four separate 2020 Silverados at a local dealership, with the alloy wheels worth $3,200 as well as the tires themselves estimated to be worth $3,200. (Original story)

Valdosta, GA – Reported 02.03.20

Multi-Vehicle Burglar Arrested

Prying off a window and attempting to hide a key fob, a thief was caught red handed by police and arrested for breaking into the business as well as several cars. (Original story)

Knoxville, TN – Reported 02.03.20

Thief’s Identity Sought

A woman suspected of stealing a car from a dealership is being sought by police. (Original story)

Bluefield, VA – Reported 02.04.20

Man Breaks in, Steals $4,000 in Keys

After breaking into a dealership and stealing $4,000 worth of car keys, a man has been charged with armed robbery. With the goal of stealing a vehicle, the crook, armed with a knife, was found by a mechanic inside a car. (Original story)

Macon, GA – Reported 02.04.20

Two Steal Parts from Auto Auction

Police officers arrived to an auction lot in response to a burglary call one afternoon to find two suspects stealing car parts. One of the thieves was apprehended as he was in the middle of cutting off a catalytic converter from underneath a car. (Original story)

Loogootee, IN – Reported 02.04.20 

Auto Parts Thieves

Multiple people were arrested for thefts from an auto parts store. When officers apprehended the subjects, they also found several controlled substances in their possession. (Original story)

Ventura, CA – Reported 02.04.20 

Burglar Caught in the Act

Officers responded with lightning speed to a report of a break-in at a dealership and found a man inside the office building, in the middle of committing his robbery. (Original story)

Otay Mesa, CA – Reported 02.05.20 

Auto Wrecking Yard Ablaze

Dozens of fire engines and multiple crews were needed to quell the angry flames engulfing an auto junkyard. Excavators were used to spread out fluff piles in an attempt to calm the flames. (Original story)

Enfield, NH – Reported 02.05.20 

Fire, Explosions at Auto Salvage Yard

When exhaust system sparks hit a flammable liquid, an auto salvage yard was quickly overtaken by flames and explosions, destroying the entire garage and all of the tools inside, burning through the front office and computers, as well as several charred cars and pieces of equipment. (Original story)

Woodland, CA – Reported 02.07.20 

Suspects Break into Dealership, Chased

Around 3 in the morning, officers responded to a break-in at a dealership and soon were chasing down several subjects as they ran away on foot. Though they were unable to catch them, they will be reviewing security footage for identification. (Original story)

Memphis, TN – Reported 02.07.20 

Police Report “One of the Most Aggressive Cases” of Attempted Theft

Police arrived to the scene of an attempted car theft at an auto lot and found one of the stolen vehicles stuck in a field with the three thieves inside. Before driving off with the car, the trio had damaged the front gate to the business and attempted to steal six other cars, all damaged and left running. Police report this is “one of the most aggressive” cases of car theft they’ve seen. (Original story)

Ventura, CA – Reported 02.08.20 

Second Venture Dealership Broken into

Hot on the heels of one dealership being burglarized earlier in the week, a second auto dealership was also vandalized in an attempted theft. When police arrived, they found a man fleeing the site with a hammer and stolen keys, after smashing through a window of the office building. He was arrested after a brief scuffle. (Original story)

Ocala, FL – Reported 02.08.20 

Man Steals from Dealership, Leads Police Chase

After breaking into and stealing vehicles from a dealership, a man led police on a high speed chase in one of the stolen pickup trucks. After the vehicle became stuck in the woods, officers were able to apprehend the thief. (Original story)

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