The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for February 18, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 02.10.20 to 02.17.20

Paducah, KY – Reported 02.10.20

$100K Trailers Stolen from RV Dealership

Employees showing up to work after the weekend discovered three full trailers missing from the dealership lot. A later review of footage shows three pickups involved in towing the brand-new trailers away. Together, the loss is worth over $112,000. (Original story

Watertown, CT – Reported 02.10.20

ID Thieves Tied to Car Theft Ring

Two men who were arrested for attempting to fraudulently purchase a vehicle from a dealership are believed to be a part of a larger northeast car theft ring. They were caught trying to “purchase” a Honda, and were found to have in their possession keys to two BMWs that were illegally obtained. (Original story

St. Peters, MO – Reported 02.10.20

Thieves Steal Jeep Key from Salesperson

One dealership is hoping to track down the group of thieves they say pulled onto their lot, began the process of purchasing a Jeep and then grabbed the key and sped off in their own truck. While they did not steal the Jeep itself yet, they do have the key, making its theft a risk. (Original story

Wilson, PA – Reported 02.11.20

Woman Steals Vehicle, Hits Mechanic

After employees left a car running on the lot, a woman swooped in and stole it, running down a mechanic who attempted to prevent her from driving off. (Original story)

Chicago, IL – Reported 02.12.20

ATM Stolen from Dealership

Very efficient criminals smashed their way into the showroom of a car dealership and quickly made off with the ATM from the waiting area. This is the latest in a string of ATM thefts in the area. (Original story)

Salt Lake City, UT – Reported 02.12.20

Man Damages Multiple Luxury Vehicles in Attempted Theft

With the intention of stealing a 2014 Bentley, a man broke into a luxury car dealership and ended up causing damage to many other expensive cars in the process. He stole 21 keys, multiple computers, tools and more, loaded up the Bentley and then severely damaged a Lexus, a Ferrari and a Lotus. He was ultimately unsuccessful in his theft and was arrested walking away from the scene of his burglary. (Original story)

Lincoln, NE – Reported 02.12.20

Impala Thieves Caught

On a routine dispatch, police found two individuals in possession of a Chevy Impala that had been reported stolen from a local dealership. Further investigating found multiple other items stolen from residential burglaries and the two were swiftly arrested. (Original story)

Delta, UT – Reported 02.12.20

Car Theft Crime Spree Ends with Attempted Dealership Theft

A couple who attempted a theft while on a test drive were ultimately thwarted by an anti-theft device and arrested. Upon their booking, they were linked to several other similar car thefts that had been plaguing the area. (Original story)

Chelsea, AL – Reported 02.12.20

Tire and Rim Thieves

Police are looking for two subjects who stole four tires and rims from an Ford Raptor at a dealership. (Original story)

Mishawaka, IN – Reported 02.13.20 

Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Stolen Tires, Wheels

Multiple dealerships are feeling the sting of serial tire thieves who have made off with thousands of dollars worth of tires from cars on the lots. One dealership alone has had 20 sets of wheels taken, coming out to an $80,000 loss. (Original story)

Wilkes-Barre, PA – Reported 02.14.20 

Four Stolen Jeeps

Thieves have struck one dealership twice, stealing two jeep Wrangles each time for a total theft of four vehicles. Half have since been recovered but the other two remain missing, while police still look for suspects. (Original story)

Woodbury, NJ – Reported 02.14.20 

Multiple Catalytic Converters Stolen

One dealership has reported the theft of several catalytic converters off of cars on their lot. Police arranged a surveillance operation and were able to apprehend two suspects in the middle of attempting to steal even more converters overnight. (Original story)

Sand Springs, OK – Reported 02.14.20 

Tire Thief Caught after Chase

Despite leading police officers on a chase, a man was eventually arrested for attempting to steal wheels and tires off of a car at a dealership. Officers interrupted him as he was jacking up the vehicle to complete his crime and the man hopped in his car and took off, but hit a curb while being pursued and was arrested. (Original story)

Fort Madison, IA – Reported 02.17.20 

Four Sports Cars (One Rare) Stolen

Thieves broke into the service bay of a dealership, stole keys and rolled four expensive sports cars right out of the showroom, including one rare edition 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Daytona Edition worth over $83,000 alone. Police believe this to be the continued work of a professional ring working its way through the midwest. (Original story)

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