The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for February 24, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 02.18.20 to 02.23.20

Byfield, MA – Reported 02.18.20

Violent Carjacker Shot

A man who went on a spree of car theft crime, including stabbing an employee at a dealership and stealing a BMW, was cornered by police and shot and killed after having been tracked across multiple states. (Original story

Greenbrier, TN – Reported 02.18.20

Dealership Truck Thieves Sought

Two suspects are believed to have a lengthy history of car theft, with their most recent theft being a pickup truck from a dealership lot. Security footage released shows the subjects, while police believe the vehicle they are seen arriving in to the lot may be stolen as well. (Original story

Wayland, MA – Reported 02.18.20

Four Thieves Steal Two Lamborghinis Worth $500K

Police are on the hunt for the fourth and final thief wanted for stealing two Lamborghini SUVs, worth over $250,000 apiece, from a high end dealership. The criminals smashed their way into the dealership, stealing keys and speeding off in two cars from the front lot. Though the thieves were eventually caught, it came after they crashed both Lamborghinis. (Original story

Indio, CA – Reported 02.18.20

Burglar Breaks in, Steals Keys

Occurring around 3 a.m., a subject broke through the glass of a dealership building and stole several keys and owner manuals. (Original story)

Spartanburg County, SC – Reported 02.19.20

Overnight Scrap Fire

Firefighters responded to a late night alarm at a recycling facility, working through the night to put out the flames. (Original story)

Bala Cynwyd, PA – Reported 02.19.20

Catalytic Converter Theft from Auto Repair Shop

Catalytic converter thieves hit an auto repair shop, stealing the valuable car part from a customer’s car following repairs at the auto service lot. (Original story)

Plymouth, MA – Reported 02.19.20

Vandals Deface Monuments, Eight Dealership Cars

Vandals who covered Plymouth Rock and other local monuments in red spray paint also turned their attention to local businesses, spray painting the hoods of eight vehicles with gold spray paint at an auto lot. (Original story)

Becker, MN – Reported 02.19.20

Scrap Fire Burns for 5 Days

After nearly five days of continuous efforts by firefighters to extinguish a massive fire at a scrap metal yard, the last blaze was finally put out. When a pile of junk cars started smoking very early Tuesday morning, multiple state and private firefighting services were called in, fighting furiously for nearly five days. State agencies have since temporarily halted the scrap yard’s ability to accept new metals. (Original story)

Lynfield, MA – Reported 02.20.20

Overnight Showroom Fire Damages Mercedes

A car inside a showroom at a dealership caught on fire overnight, prompting a response from security guards who alerted firefighters. Fire crews responded quickly to contain the flames to just the one car, though the entire showroom filled with thick smoke. (Original story)

Newport News, VA – Reported 02.21.20

13 High End Cars Stolen

Thirteen cars, including BMWs, Range Rovers and a $40,000 BMW, were stolen overnight from a dealership. Surveillance footage shows a group of ten to fifteen people trying to first unsuccessfully smash through the front door before breaking a side window, grabbing car keys and speeding off in the cars. Five vehicles have been found abandoned with some minor damage, while the gang of thieves also damaged a fourteenth car that they attempted to steal, but got stuck driving over a fence. (Original story)

Salt Lake City, UT – Reported 02.21.20 

Repeat Offender Attempts Second Break-In One Week Later

The same man who broke into a Ferrari dealership just last week has been arrested yet again for another similar crime. A local business owner saw the subject on remote video as he broke into the office and noticed several vehicle fobs had been stolen from his business. (Original story)

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