The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for January 13, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 01.06.20 to 01.12.20

Brunswick, OH – Reported 01.06.20

Dealership Burglary Investigated

One dealership employee reported a break-in at the business and the onsite detail shop, with a license plate, several tools and a 2010 Cadillac Escalade stolen. (Original story)

Union City, TN – Reported 01.06.20

ATVs Stolen in Auto Dealership Hit

Thieves who cut through a portion of a lot’s back fence at a dealership managed to steal two ATVs. Police followed the recreational vehicles tracks  before losing the trail in an open parking lot. (Original story)

San Diego, CA – Reported 01.06.20

Scrap Yard Fire

A swift response to a scrap metal fire at a recycling yard allowed firefighters to quickly douse growing flames. (Original story)

Huber Heights, OH – Reported 01.07.20

Theft Ring Steals $54,000 Worth of Semi Tires from Dealership

A sophisticated cross-country ring is suspected to be behind the theft of 84 wheels and tires worth over $54,000 from a semi truck dealership. Video surveillance footage captured at least two suspects, though more are suspected. They are believed to be traveling across the country using specialized tools to carry out massive and quick wheel thefts. (Original story)

Albany, OR – Reported 01.07.20

Woman Steals Security Dogs from Dealership

While most dealership thefts are of cars or car parts, one woman who cut in through the fence of an auto lot instead stole two of their three security dogs. This isn’t the first issue the dealership has had in recent months, either, as someone last month broke in and stole a set of keys off a desk, while another man threw a bag of raw chicken into the showroom. (Original story)

Gloucester City, NJ – Reported 01.08.20

Two Dealerships Burgled, Two Trucks Stolen

One thief is being accused of targeting two different dealerships to steal two trucks. The first incident occurred early in the evening, with the thief driving off with the truck right as the owners were just across the street. At another point, the same suspect stole a 2016 Ram truck after coming in during sales hours, procuring the keys and then simply driving the truck off the lot. (Original story)

Woods Cross, UT – Reported 01.08.20

Test Drive Theft

Leaving behind his driver’s license, a brazen thief nonetheless drove off with a $13,000 Toyota Corolla during a test drive and never returned. Police continue to search for the suspect. (Original story)

Goshen, IN – Reported 01.08.20

Plate Theft

Employees a local dealership have reported a dealer license plate theft off of one of their vehicles. (Original story)

Jasper, IN – Reported 01.08.20

Multiple Dealerships Robbed of Catalytic Converters

This persistent favorite item to steal is once again trending: multiple dealerships in the area have reported having catalytic converters stolen off of their inventory vehicles. Over the past two years, in fact, these thefts have been coming in waves. Some businesses have been robbed of $30,000 worth of converters, with one dealership reporting the damage done to a truck in stealing the catalytic converter was $16,000 alone. (Original story)

Osseo, MN – Reported 01.09.20

Truck Stolen by Test Driver

A man who took out a Chevy Trailblazer for a test drive and never returned is being sought by police. (Original story)

Elmhurst, IL – Reported 01.10.20

Thieves Break Into Two Dealerships

Police were kept busy with reports of two break-ins at two separate dealerships.Though nothing was ultimately reported missing, the glass doors at the service bays of each dealership were found shattered and opened. Video footage shows five suspects at each lot. (Original story)

Tuscaloosa, AL – Reported 01.10.20

One Dealership Broken Into Twice in Three Days

A local business is left reeling after thieves broke in not once, but twice, in one week. Between the two nights, they stole the safe and six keys, then followed up by stealing six cars. Security footage shows they were on the lot one night for over two hours, in fact, without anyone noticing. (Original story)

Crestwood, KY – Reported 01.10.20

Equipment Thieves Steal $20,000 Worth from Dealership

Three men broke into and spent over an hour and a half at a dealership, before stealing two riding mowers and a company trailer valued at $20,000 total. (Original story)

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