The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for January 21, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 01.13.20 to 01.20.20

Baltimore, MD – Reported 01.13.20

Reported Break-In

There was a late morning reported break-in at an area truck dealership. (Original story

Arlington, VA – Reported 01.13.20

Nine Vehicles Stolen Most Likely Connected to Recent Dealership Hits

An overnight burglary that resulted in the theft of nine vehicles from a local dealership has authorities worried and believing there to be a larger gang at work. Another recent incident in which twelve cars were stolen from dealerships in the same area has led police to believe they are all connected. (Original story

Melbourne, FL – Reported 01.13.20

Multiple Dealerships Broken into Multiple Times

Dealerships in Florida are dealing with repeated cycles of break-ins and burglaries, with one business having been broken into now three times. In total, the thieves stole seven cars and caused thousands of dollars in damage. Another dealership down the street has just recently been hit twice in one week, with the criminals stealing a gun, a safe and cash. (Original story

Pompano Beach, FL – Reported 01.13.20

Nine Cars Torched by Arsonist

Video footage shows an unknown man cutting in through a fence and then dousing multiple cars at a dealership with gasoline. As he backs away, he sets the kerosene covered cars on fire, with a total of nine cars being fully scorched. Not only does this, obviously, impact business, but insurance will not cover the cost of damages done. (Original story)

Conway, AR – Reported 01.14.20

$24,000 Toyota Stolen

A Toyota 4Runner valued at around $24,000 was stolen from a dealership some time last week, with employees believing the theft to have occurred at close to 10 p.m. one night. (Original story)

Salisbury, MD – Reported 01.14.20

Drugged Driver Crashes into Dealership, does $225K in Damage

A driver under the influence of drugs fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a local dealership, plowing into multiple Jeeps, and causing an estimated $225,000 in damages. (Original story)

Beaumont, TX – Reported 01.14.20

Hit-and-Run Driver Damages Dealership

After smashing in through the fence at a dealership and taking out some trash cans, a driver turned tail and fled the scene. Cameras and witnesses saw the incident but were unable to ascertain a license plate number. (Original story)

Edgewood, WA – Reported 01.14.20

$500K Worth of Cars Stolen from Auction, Damaged

Three classic cars worth over $500,000 together that were swiped off an auction lot early last week have been recovered, though all three are severely damaged. The thieves managed to steal a semi truck and trailer containing those three cars, and that semi is still unaccounted for. (Original story)

Akron, OH – Reported 01.14.20 

33 Stolen Catalytic Converters

Another week, another mass catalytic converter theft. At least three businesses in Akron have reported a total of 33 catalytic converters stolen from cars on their lots overnight – all in the span of a single week, with an auto body shop in Cleveland reporting multiple thefts as well. (Original story)

Winchester, KY – Reported 01.14.20 

Two Stolen Cars, $5,000 in Damages

When thieves hit a local dealership, they wasted no time in stealing two valuable vehicles, while at the same time causing around $5,000 in damages. Employees estimate the theft occurred some time between Saturday evening and Sunday night, with the burglars throwing a cinder block through a garage door panel latch to gain access. (Original story)

Decorah, IA – Reported 01.15.20 

Missing Pickup

A Ford F-350 stolen on January 11th is still missing, and the dealership is asking for the public’s help in tracking it down. (Original story)

Concord Township, PA – Reported 01.16.20 

Two Vehicles, Set of Rims Stolen

An auto auction was struck by thieves who not only stole two vehicles, but also swiped another car’s set of rims. (Original story)

Greenwich, CT – Reported 01.16.20 

Pair of Jeeps Stolen

Two Jeeps were stolen overnight from the storage lot of a dealership. Both Wranglers are estimated to be worth over $40,000 each. (Original story)

Plymouth, PA – Reported 01.17.20 

Massive Scrap Fire

A scrap fire encompassing hundreds of yards of metal burned early one morning. At least 200 scrapped cars were on fire and, because of the rough terrain, ruts and crowded nature of the lot, firefighters had limited access to the flames, needing to employ ATVs for several hours. (Original story)

Mount Airy, NC – Reported 01.17.20 

$5,000 in Items Stolen

Police are investigating after over $5,000 in tools, equipment and other items were stolen from multiple vehicles at a dealership lot. (Original story)

Murray, UT – Reported 01.20.20 

Dealership Forced to Close after Massive Thefts

When thieves stole five vehicles, along with the titles and keys to almost 30 more, the magnitude of that theft was so severe that the dealership in question has been forced to close down. Surveillance footage from across the street captured the suspects backing a pickup into the garage door, creating a gap for them to break into the office. Without the titles and keys to most of their inventory, the business has had to close for the time being. (Original story)

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