The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for January 27, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 01.21.20 to 01.26.20

Portland, OR – Reported 01.21.20

Attempted Catalytic Converter Theft

Two subjects were caught and arrested by authorities after they attempted to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle at a dealership. Portland police report that the theft of these coveted converters has seen a sharp incline – 129 reports received alone in less than six months. (Original story)

Memphis, TN – Reported 01.21.20

Woman Forges Name on Title, Steals Car

After using whiteout on an auto title and then signing a forged name over top, one woman has been arrested. Authorities were alerted to the theft and were able to pull the woman over at a traffic stop, with the dealership confirming the title had been altered with whiteout and taken from the actual owner. (Original story)

Arkansas City, KS – Reported 01.21.20

Thieves Steal $6K in Parts

As part of a dual business hit, thieves burglarized an auto business and stole multiple car parts valued at $6,000 total. The same thieves are thought to have possible connections to a theft from a separate business the same night. (Original story)

Racine, WI – Reported 01.22.20

Man Steals Car from Auto Repair Shop

Already just recently released from jail on bond, a man stole a customer’s car in for service from a repair shop and initiated a high speed police chase. (Original story)

Hot Springs, AR – Reported 01.23.20

Thieves Steal, Immediately Crash Truck

After breaking into a dealership and stealing a truck, two criminals immediately spun out and got stuck in a ditch right outside the gates, where they were soon arrested. (Original story)

Desoto County, FL – Reported 01.23.20

Woman Steals 59 Dealership Packets

A woman is under arrest after police found 59 dealership packets on her person containing multiple copies of people’s drivers licenses and social security numbers. (Original story)

Merced, CA – Reported 01.24.20

Dealership Vandal, Thief Sought

An individual who has been repeatedly vandalizing a dealership and stealing items is the object of local police interest. They have released video of the person on the lot in hopes of gleaning further identification information. (Original story)

Bridgeport, CT – Reported 01.25.20

Catalytic Converter Thieves Strike Rental Fleet

Stealing an estimated $8,000 in parts, thieves made off with several catalytic converters from an entire fleet of rental trucks. As this part only grows in popularity among thieves, this particular caper has the hallmarks of a professional job. (Original story)

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