The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for March 02, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 02.24.20 to 03.01.20

Eureka, MO – Reported 02.24.20

Pickup Bed Stolen, Dropped, Damaged

Security cameras captured the pickup bed of a Ford F-450 being loaded onto a truck in the middle of the night, and driven off with. It seems the thieves did not secure it well, nor make it far, as the item apparently fell off the back of the truck as it drove through a neighboring storage lot, causing around $2,000 in damages to the $3,400 part. (Original story

Shelbyville, TN – Reported 02.24.20

Stolen Pickup Missing for Weeks

A dealership has reported that a Chevy Silverado worth nearly $12,000 has been missing for weeks after being stolen on the 8th. (Original story

Nashville, IL – Reported 02.25.20

Stolen Truck Used to Ram Fence, Steal Motorcycles

A cycle of theft continued as a stolen truck was used to ram down the fence at a dealership, from which three motorcycles were then taken. Authorities report this is a part of an ongoing pattern. (Original story

Broken Arrow, OK – Reported 02.26.20

Woman Steals Truck, Initiates Police Chase

A woman who was acting quite strangely at a dealership (including talking to flowers in the service bay) soon escalated her behavior. When a salesperson brought up a truck for interested buyers and left the key in the vehicle, the woman hopped in instead and sped off with the truck. Police were alerted and they gave chase. After hitting another SUV and then continuing on for a bit, the subject came to a stop and was arrested. (Original story)

Omaha, NE – Reported 02.27.20

Repeat Offender Juveniles Cut Ankle Monitors, Burglarize Six Auto Lots

A pair of juveniles already in trouble with the law for stealing cars two times before, cut off their ankle monitors again and went on yet another crime spree, hitting six businesses in one night. One of the auto lots they broke into was the third time for them, having previously stolen five cars from the lot last month. Another business they broke into had their keys too well hidden this time, as last month the pair had caused $100,000 in damages to cars, as well as stealing one. This time, a different dealership was affected the most, with four cars stolen and windows, computers, a TV and a safe destroyed. (Original story)

Cayce, SC – Reported 02.28.20

Scrap Office Burns

A mobile home being used as an office at a scrap lot caught on fire overnight, prompting firefighters to rush to the scene. Highways surrounding the area were closed for several hours as crews battled the flames. (Original story)

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