The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for March 09, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 03.02.20 to 03.08.20

St. Petersburg, FL – Reported 03.02.20

Serial Test Drive Thief

After taking two cars from two dealerships on two evening or overnight test drives, one man instead simply never returned the vehicles. After being reported to police, he was eventually located attempting to pull the same trick at a third dealership. (Original story

Lexington County, SC – Reported 03.02.20

Thief Steals Catalytic Converters off Cars at Lot, Sells for Scrap

The rise of catalytic converter theft continues, as another man has been arrested for stealing the converters off of two cars at a towing lot and selling the expensive parts to a scrap metal dealer. (Original story

Roseville, CA – Reported 03.02.20

Five Thieves Steal Multiple Cars

A coordinated pack of five thieves broke into an auto lot and managed to steal at least three vehicles, possibly more, as well as ransacking the office and using an additional vehicle on the lot to break down the gate in order to drive away with their stolen cars. During their crime, they also caused damages to multiple other vehicles on the lot. (Original story

Peoria, IL – Reported 03.03.20

Large Scrap Fire Halts Traffic

A massive fire at a metal scrap yard roared through the afternoon, causing nearby roads to be shut down while fire crews battled the flames and smoke. (Original story)

Elizabethtown, KY – Reported 03.05.20

Thieves Steal Two RVs

After breaking into an RV dealership, two trucks hitched up and drove off with two brand-new campers in a matter of mere minutes. The dealership reports this is the second theft in less than a year and believes it to be the same people, while police also suspect these thefts are part of a larger ring of continued RV thefts in the region. (Original story)

Chesapeake, VA – Reported 03.06.20

Nine Cars Taken from Dealerships

A business lot that is home to two dealerships was hit hard last week when thieves stole nine vehicles in total from the businesses. Security footage shows at least ten people on the lot around 1:30 a.m., ransacking offices, breaking cameras and grabbing keys. In under a half hour, they stole nine cars off the lot. Three vehicles have so far been recovered, but six remain missing and the culprits at large. (Original story)

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