The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for March 16, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 03.09.20 to 03.15.20

Portsmouth, VA – Reported 03.09.20

Two More Cars Stolen in Highly Targeted Area

With the greater Chesapeake region already seeing one dealer lose 13 cars and another lose nine, a third dealer has now reported two cars stolen, bringing the total to 24 vehicles stolen from dealerships in the last month alone. These two stolen cars were worth a combined $36,000, while the burglars also caused damages while ransacking the business. (Original story

Seaford, DE – Reported 03.09.20

Man Arrested for Multiple Thefts

One man went on a multi-business theft, targeting various stores and commercial properties, before he stole two trucks from an auto lot. Police were able to locate the subject inside of one of the stolen trucks and arrest him. (Original story

Suffolk, VA – Reported 03.11.20

Five Vehicles Swiped

The theft trend in this region continues as thieves broke into a dealership overnight last week and managed to drive away with five cars. Two have since been recovered, but police are still searching for the remaining three vehicles, as well as the thieves themselves. (Original story

Roswell, NM – Reported 03.11.20

Five Stolen from Auto Shop

Crooks who broke into an auto service and detailing shop stole the keys to multiple customer cars, so far having been able to steal five vehicles. (Original story)

Thomaston, ME – Reported 03.15.20

Denied Financing, Man Steals Car Instead

After being turned down for financing, a man decided to simply steal the desired car from the dealership instead. From there, the same thief attempted to break into the gun case at a nearby Walmart. Police were able to pursue him and arrest him down the road. (Original story)

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