The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for March 23, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 03.16.20 to 03.22.20

West Memphis, AR – Reported 03.17.20

Teen Crashes Jeep through Showroom

A teen is in custody after using a Jeep to slam through the doors of a dealership overnight. When police arrived, he fled, crashing into another driver, before officers were able to capture him. (Original story

Huntsville, TX – Reported 03.19.20

Thieves Steal Massive Amounts from Multiple Dealerships

Three dealerships were hit hard by a large crime spree one night last week, as thieves stole thousands of dollars in equipment and vandalized 18 vehicles at one, stole more equipment from the second and stole a pair of Silverados worth $20,000 each from the third. (Original story

Ada, OK – Reported 03.20.20

Two $25K Vehicles Stolen

Two ATVs worth $25,000 each were stolen from a motorsports vehicle dealership. Police believe the vehicles were driven or pulled over the concrete barriers in front of the store. (Original story

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