The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for March 30, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 03.23.20 to 03.29.20

Monroe, MI – Reported 03.23.20

Tires and Rims Taken from Two Dealerships

Overnight last Sunday, one man dressed in dark clothing was recorded stealing multiple rims and tires off of cars at two dealership lots. (Original story

Shenandoah, PA – Reported 03.23.20

Parts Stolen from Car on Lot

Police are searching for a thief or thieves who stole a bumper, grill, hood, headlights, and turn signals from a vehicle at a dealership overnight. (Original story

Tulsa, OK – Reported 03.24.20

Gang Steals $185,000 Worth of Cars, Items from Dealership

A gang of five thieves is being sought by police after breaking into a dealership and stealing four cars and multiple items worth a combined $185,000. It is believed the same group may also be responsible for robbing a pharmacy the following night. (Original story

Columbia, IL – Reported 03.24.20

Wheel and Tires Theft

Police are investigating the theft of one wheel and tire from a 2020 GMC at an auto lot. (Original story

Des Plaines, IL – Reported 03.26.20

29 Stolen Rims and Tires

Eight vehicles at a dealership had 29 tires and rims stolen last week. (Original story

Modesto, CA – Reported 03.27.20

Scrap Fire

Firefighters quickly responded to a fire at a scrap metal recycling yard, working to contain the flames. The fire originated in a non public area, where metal is processed for resale. (Original story

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