The Eyewitness Success Blotter for February 28, 2020

These wins for local business owners happened between February 21, 2020 & February 27, 2020

We start off each week bringing you the news of crimes across the country – some without happy endings or resolutions, some where the bad guys get away. So, to that end, we like to end each week by providing you with a roundup of some of the best Eyewitness Success stories for the week – times when the good guys won and local businesses were protected from the worst.

Mounting Flames Quelled before Damages

Date: 02.22.20     Metro Area: Orlando, FL

During overnight monitoring, flames were seen rising from the middle of a lot at a metals recycling yard and the local fire department was dispatched. Crews arrived with haste and the fire department was able to successfully extinguish this fire before it could do any damage.

Trespasser Arrested, Jailed

Date: 02.22.20     Metro Area: Cincinnati, OH

When an individual dressed in all dark clothing snuck onto a dealership lot at 12:39 a.m., police were dispatched. While officers sped over, the subject was gaining access to multiple vehicles, then heading around the back of the lot when police arrived.

Soon, officers had the suspect in custody and reported they were transferring him to jail.

Loiterers Led Away

Date: 02.23.20     Metro Area: Jacksonville, FL

The Eyewitness monitoring center observed an individual loitering on the property of a shopping center. He appeared to be looking inside building windows and pulling on door handles. Police were dispatched to address the activity. Prior to police arriving, the individual in question departed the property without further incident.

However, a second individual was seen on the lot at that time pushing a shopping cart, and also attempting to open the doors to several businesses. Police spoke with him when they arrived and asked him to depart the property. No damages were observed, so the call was cleared.

Fleeing, Would-Be Burglar Arrested at Auto Lot

Date: 02.24.20     Metro Area: Columbus, OH

A hooded individual was observed walking through a monitored dealership property and entering vehicles. He did not leave after audio instruction to do so, and so police were dispatched.

As police arrived, the intruder took notice and ran from them, fleeing behind a neighboring building. However, Eyewitness advised police of his direction and they gave chase, apprehending him off the lot and soon walking the individual back to their cruiser in handcuffs. Dispatch confirmed an arrest.

Individual Arrested Trespassing, Attempting to Enter Business Building

Date: 02.26.20     Metro Area: Fresno, CA

A male intruder dressed all in black was seen entering the lot of a dealership after hours and going between inventory vehicles on the site. Due to the suspicious nature of the activity, police were dispatched to the site.

After police arrived and searched the lot, dispatch stated that police were unable to locate the intruder on site. However, while retrieving that disposition, a second intruder was seen entering the lot and going up to the building, pulling on handles of building doors, tugging repeatedly.

Dispatch was given the location of this new intruder and police were soon seen arriving again and making contact with the intruder onsite. They had her gather her things and escorted her just past the gate, where they could be seen searching the intruder and then placing her in the back of a squad car in handcuffs. Dispatch stated the intruder was placed under arrest.

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