The Eyewitness Success Blotter for January 10, 2020

These wins for local business owners happened between January 03, 2020 & January 09, 2020

We start off each week bringing you the news of crimes across the country – some without happy endings or resolutions, some where the bad guys get away. So, to that end, we like to end each week by providing you with a roundup of some of the best Eyewitness Success stories for the week – times when the good guys won and local businesses were protected from the worst.

Thief Apprehended, Bag Returned

Date: 01.05.20     Metro Area: Fresno, CA

The Eyewitness monitoring center observed an individual ride his bicycle onto a dealership and begin removing items from a box. Police were dispatched to address the violation.

Upon arrival, officers were in contact with the individual in question. While they allowed the intruder to leave with a written warning, they retained the bag of items that he had taken, and replaced them back in the box.

Warned for Trespassing, Led Away

Date: 01.05.20     Metro Area: Washington, DC

Remote Surveillance Professionals monitored two vehicles entering the back of an auto lot. They parked on said lot near the northwest corner of the building. When one of the intruders exited a car and began to walk around, audio was initiated – there was no compliance, so police were dispatched.

Police soon arrived at the front of the lot. Eyewitness called back the dispatch to provide further directions on the location of the intruders. Onsite audio was also used to direct police to the correct location, where they made contact with the individuals. After speaking with them, the intruders were escorted off the lot and were issued a warning for trespassing.

Recycling Yard Intruder in Restricted Area Arrested

Date: 01.05.20    Metro Area: Orlando, FL

The Eyewitness monitoring center observed an individual walking around off-limits areas of a recycling yard during a restricted time. Police were dispatched and directed to the individual’s last known location.

Responding officers were also sent a video of the intruder for identification purposes. They quickly located the subject and dispatch stated that they were able to make an arrest!

Choppers & K9s Catch Burglar

Date: 01.08.20    Metro Area: Orlando, FL

An arrest at a scrap yard became exponentially more exciting when a K9 team and a chopper assisted in corralling the subject.

One evening, Eyewitness received an alarm from a thermal camera on a possible intruder. Audio was initiated and the police were immediately contacted. Remote Surveillance Professionals spoke with dispatch, informing them of the suspect’s location inside the fenced-in property, crouching in the back portion. As police were heading their way, they started to flee.

When officers arrived, they found just outside the perimeter a wheel dolly, burglary tools, an oil pan and a trash bag. By this time, a helicopter was present and honed in on a heat signal just a few yards away from the property in a wooded area. The suspect was quickly found and apprehended.

After all was said and done, dispatch confirmed that the individual was arrested on one charge of burglary to a business.

Thief Leaves Item, Flees

Date: 01.09.20    Metro Area: Beaumont, TX

An individual entered a repair lot via a gate and almost immediately began fiddling with the back of a truck. As such, the police were dispatched.

In the meantime, the individual was concentrated in his efforts to remove a tailgate. However, alarms rung and the police soon arrived, prompting the subject to drop the tailgate and run. Police ensured nothing was successfully removed from the lot and the area was cleared.

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