The Eyewitness Success Blotter for January 24, 2020

These wins for local business owners happened between January 17, 2020 & January 23, 2020

We start off each week bringing you the news of crimes across the country – some without happy endings or resolutions, some where the bad guys get away. So, to that end, we like to end each week by providing you with a roundup of some of the best Eyewitness Success stories for the week – times when the good guys won and local businesses were protected from the worst.

Cuffed Intruder Warned, Deterred

Date: 01.17.20     Metro Area: Tampa, FL

An individual on an auto property was determined by officers to be a homeless woman.

When Eyewitness first observed her entering the property at around 1:40 AM (EST), audio was initiated. She did not comply with the audio message and entered a vehicle. The police were dispatched and had her in cuffs a short time later.

Dispatch informed Eyewitness and the dealership owners that no damage was done, and a warning was given as officers had her leave the property after.

Scrap Metal Facility Intruder Arrested

Date: 01.18.20     Metro Area: Tulsa, OK

The Eyewitness monitoring center observed an individual walking around the north side of a recycling facility during restricted hours, prompting a police dispatch.

Upon arrival, officers quickly located the intruder and took him into custody. Per dispatch, charges are being brought against the individual for trespassing.

Burglar in Ski Mask Arrested

Date: 01.18.20    Metro Area: Amarillo, TX

One criminal meant business, donning a ski mask and sneaking onto an Eyewitness monitored auto lot, however, alarms and Remote Surveillance Professionals (RSPs) were well onto him.

A white SUV drove onto the lot and parked, continuing to loiter and ignore all audio warnings. Police were dispatched to address the protocol violation.

As officers were en route to the lot, the driver exited his SUV and began tampering with what appeared to be a work vehicle nearby. When officers arrived, they located the individual hiding underneath of a pickup truck with a ski mask on his person.

Responding officers searched the surrounding area and found probable cause to arrest the individual for burglary of motor vehicles and theft from a company vehicle.

Thieves Scared Away, Abandon Loot

Date: 01.23.20    Metro Area: Houston, TX

Two individuals were seen walking onto a remote video monitored dealership, cutting across from a nearby apartment complex. As Eyewitness called for police, the pair crept across the lot towards a large storage shed. Both subjects were observed carrying items from the floor of the storage container as Remote Surveillance Professionals (RSPs) used audio to deter the duo.

The audio sparked enough fear into the two individuals that they dropped the goods and ran, exiting without taking items.

Eyewitness called back dispatch to inform them of the subjects’ direction of travel, and neither of the two were seen returning to the lot.

Audio Scares Away Robbers

Date: 01.23.20    Metro Area: Dallas, TX

An old truck was observed arriving at an auto lot and parking near the closed gate.

The individual, wearing all black, was seen exiting and walking with a jack towards a parked SUV near the service drop-off area. They crouched down and began attempting to use the jack to take the tires off.

Remote Surveillance Professionals immediately used direct audio alerts demanding the intruder leave, which worked in an instant. The subject sprang back up, abandoning their attempt to steal wheels, and exited off property right away.

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