The Eyewitness Success Blotter for January 31, 2020

These wins for local business owners happened between January 24, 2020 & January 30, 2020

We start off each week bringing you the news of crimes across the country – some without happy endings or resolutions, some where the bad guys get away. So, to that end, we like to end each week by providing you with a roundup of some of the best Eyewitness Success stories for the week – times when the good guys won and local businesses were protected from the worst.

Tampering Intruder Arrested at Auto Lot

Date: 01.28.20     Metro Area: Tulsa, OK

An individual entered the back, fenced-in portion of a monitored dealership lot. Though audio was raised, the subject paid it no heed and could then be seen attempting to burglarize vehicles in the area. Police were dispatched as he was addressed again by audio. Though he appeared to hesitate for a moment, he then went back to tampering with the cars.

Police arrived and spotted the individual as he was trying to hide between vehicles and were then able to apprehend him and place him into custody.

After the conclusion of the event, dispatch confirmed that the individual was arrested and being transported away.

EMS Arrives for Intruder in Medical Distress

Date: 01.28.20     Metro Area: Allentown, PA

At 9:45 pm, an Eyewitness Remote Surveillance Professional (RSP) observed a suspicious male subject loitering in the service lane area of a dealership, standing close to a door to the building. Audio was used to address the subject with no compliance.

Police were dispatched, and officers soon arrived and located the subject in question. Police were seen evaluating the individual and putting the subject in the back of their SUV while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. When calling for a disposition, they confirmed the person had required medical assistance and officers escorted him away in the ambulance.

Stealthy Intruder Found by Eyewitness, Deterred by Police

Date: 01.31.20    Metro Area: Dallas, TX

When an intruder crept onto a remote video monitored dealership and began walking to the back of the property, Remote Surveillance Professionals (RSPs) issued audio instructing them to exit the property. When they did not comply and instead continued to loiter near the dumpsters in the back, the RSPs dispatched police.

Eyewitness was in contact with dispatch to describe the intruder and update them on their direction of travel. Police soon arrived, located the subject and asked Eyewitness to remain on the line while they escorted the intruder off the property.

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