Video Retrievals

The Ability to Know Just What Happened—Whenever, Wherever

What you don’t know can hurt you—and that’s where our video retrieval team gives you control. We scour footage for you to pinpoint just when an incident happened and exactly what occurred.

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    Prevent Paying Out Unnecessarily
    From mysteriously damaged fences to onsite hit-and-runs, find out just what occurred. If it is a vendor third party, video proof is invaluable in proving fault.
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    Assist with Law Enforcement
    Whether there’s an accident, a theft, or any type of crime, our team will work with authorities on finding the proof they need for their investigation.
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    Solve Disputes
    Whether it’s a claim of a stolen wallet or some inexplicable damage on your lot, our video retrieval team can find out just what happened—and send you the proof.
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    Verify Worker’s Comp
    Got a worker’s comp claim that needs to be investigated? Pull up footage of the exact circumstances to ensure legality.
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    Save Money
    Our team assists our customers with over 200 video retrievals per month, saving on average $1,500 per inquiry.
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    Prioritize Safety
    Utilize video reviews to conduct workplace safety audits and ensure protocol compliance.




Eyewitness’s Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at our Maryland headquarters is comprised of many former and active-duty military and police personnel, who work with our product teams and sales staff to ensure customers receive the proper security solutions to fit their facility’s needs. Our internal access control team has combined decades of access control solution experience at some of the largest business campuses in the country.



Our clients remain trusted partners in security, with a 97% annual customer retention rate over 15 years of industry service. At Eyewitness, there’s no “one size fits all” security program: We design security plans and operating procedures tailored to each customer’s location and needs. Dedicated account managers support each of their clients through personalized access to Eyewitness resources and troubleshooting, should the need arise.




We only install world-class hardware combined with the most intuitive and secure software at our customers’ businesses. (After all, your security system is only as secure as its weakest link.) Every security system we oversee is dynamic, to grow with your business. Need more security? We’ve got you covered.

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