Alarm System

Control Your Entire Property with Customized Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion detection security systems keep your property protected and your employees safe through customized sensors and alerting programs. Take advantage of Eyewitness’s security expertise to determine exactly how your facility’s unique security needs can be met. Integrate with our video surveillance system to have one solution for all your needs.

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    Customized Security for Your Facility
    From glass break sensors to seismic motion detectors, we have the right technologies to solve your problems—and provide control against threats you may not know you have. Cover an entire building or just certain areas using the latest technology. Our industry experts are perfectly primed to give you control of your business’s security. Our trained security professionals will partner with you to design a fully customized security system for your property to satisfy your current needs, while leaving room for future expansion and growth. We’ll install as much or as little coverage as you like, per your needs.
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    Alarms Stay On, Even If Lights Are Out
    Eyewitness’s systems don’t fall victim to burglars cutting power to alarms. With internal batteries running as backup power sources, systems stay active for at least two hours past a power cut. If a phone line is cut, the panel can use a cellular backup line to communicate with our remote security professionals.
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    Secure Your Property Anywhere, Anytime
    Take control of your facility’s security protocols from anywhere in the world, 24/7/365, through our intuitive mobile application. Our intrusion detection system can drill down to employee-level permissions that allow only certain employees to arm (or disarm) alarm sensors in given areas, at scheduled times. Read system alerts, audit security records, and even adjust employee permissions from your mobile device or desktop computer.
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    Protect Your Personnel
    Desperate criminals can put your employees in dangerous situations. You can opt to have each employee carry a personal “panic button” that—when pressed—sends an alert to our monitoring center. We’ll then verify the situation and dispatch police in emergencies, without the employee needing to reach a phone or otherwise potentially aggravate the situation.
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    Meet Legal Requirements for Alarms
    Several states now require video verification of alarms sent to police dispatch before authorities arrive on scene. Should you choose to integrate our live monitored video surveillance system with your burglar alarms, we’ll be able to verify your alarm per local law.
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    Easily Audit Your Security Records
    The intrusion detection system automatically logs whenever alarms are armed or disarmed, or when sensors are triggered. These timestamped records make security audits a breeze.
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    Cloud-Based Software Architecture
    Our cloud-hosted security system eliminates physical servers at your business, mitigating risk of tampering and eliminating the need for client-side maintenance. We’ll keep your system up and running with the latest security upgrades, without you needing to lift a finger.




Eyewitness’s Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at our Maryland headquarters is comprised of many former and active-duty military and police personnel, who work with our product teams and sales staff to ensure customers receive the proper security solutions to fit their facility’s needs. Our internal access control team has combined decades of access control solution experience at some of the largest businesses in the country.



Our clients remain trusted partners in security, with a 97% annual customer retention rate over 15 years of industry service. At Eyewitness, there’s no “one size fits all” security program: We design security plans and operating procedures tailored to each customer’s location and needs. Dedicated account managers support each of their clients through personalized access to Eyewitness resources and troubleshooting, should the need arise.





We only install world-class hardware combined with the most intuitive and secure software at our customers’ businesses. (After all, your security system is only as secure as its weakest link.) Every security system we oversee is dynamic, to grow with your business. Need more security? We’ve got you covered.

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