Fence Intrusion System

Protect Your Perimeter. Smartly.

Our perimeter intrusion system uses beacon technology to create a digital shield around your facility and inventory. From customized alerts when your fence is breached to the ability to track tagged assets within your property (or get notifications when they leave), we provide clear perimeter control day and night.

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    Integrate with your Fence
    Our solution integrates directly with your existing fence, reducing the impact on your property, shortening installation times and eliminating additional maintenance or permitting requirements. There’s no need for a whole new setup, keeping installation costs to a minimum.
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    Deter Theft
    Our system is activated with battery-powered, tamper-resistant sensors that send location-specific alerts which immediately trigger visual and audio deterrents. Police can be dispatched upon unwanted breach, and we can enhance your system with video verification for extra protection.
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    Customizable Alerts
    Beacons can be grouped into zones, and alerts can pinpoint location down to a specific beacon. Alerts can be configured to detect and inform on motion during non-monitoring hours and track assets as they leave and enter. You can customize responses to your preferred level of protection.
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    Asset Accountability
    Our perimeter intrusion system integrates right into our asset-tracking software for current and historical inventory reports and notifications on any tagged assets. Inventory can be tagged with sensors to help manage current location, location history, entry and exit times, and stock levels. Those same sensors also alert on any movement during off hours for additional protection. Software is accessible on desktop and mobile platforms.




Beacon-enabled protection allows you to easily protect your perimeter, receive alerts on intrusion and track your assets through our mobile app. With easy setup and a seamless integration into your existing fence, our perimeter intrusion system protects your property from the outside in!



Our clients remain trusted partners in security, with a 97% annual customer retention rate over 15 years of industry service. At Eyewitness, there’s no “one size fits all” security program: We design security plans and operating procedures tailored to each customer’s location and needs. Dedicated account managers support each of their clients through personalized access to Eyewitness resources and troubleshooting, should the need arise.




We only install world-class hardware combined with the most intuitive and secure software at our customers’ businesses. (After all, your security system is only as secure as its weakest link.) Every security system we oversee is dynamic, to grow with your business. Need to add extra layers of surveillance and security? We’ve got you covered with state-of-the-art technology.

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