Video Monitoring

Prevent Theft Before It Happens

We provide a fully integrated approach to security. Our remote, interactive video surveillance protects businesses and allows them to reduce and/or eliminate the need for onsite guard services.

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    World-Class Technology
    Our system is constantly evolving—with the latest in digital remote cameras, sensors, remote monitoring software analytics, and perimeter intrusion technology. We monitor and secure your property to prevent theft before it happens.
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    Dedicated Monitoring Center
    Our staff of highly trained security professionals, which includes former/active military and police personnel, visually assess video clips and alarms. They speak directly with suspicious individuals to deter and report unwanted behavior to the authorities.
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    Custom System and Protocols
    Every property is unique and presents itself with its own challenges. We design a custom solution for every client we serve to address their specific needs. Our team of systems engineers and IT professionals carefully assess the needs of each location and design a tailored system. We work with you on specific and custom protocols to address your property’s specific needs.
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    Audio Transmission
    When there is a subject on your property, we will let them know they are being monitored and ask them to vacate the premises if they are not authorized to be there. In most cases, the sound of the live security professional dissuades the perpetrator from continuing, and the subject will most often leave.
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    Threat Resolution
    In situations when there is clear illegal behavior, Eyewitness will dispatch police while continuing to warn the intruder. Our relationships with local law enforcement ensure fast response times to catch criminals before they leave the property.




Our Tactical Operation Center (TOC) is located in our headquarters in Maryland and is comprised of many former and active-duty military and police personnel who work short shifts to stay alert. Remote Surveillance Professionals (RSPs) speak directly to the subjects and assess each interaction based on procedures tailored to each location. The TOC incorporates technology with individual reviews and experience to determine the proper level of response to each event.



97% annual customer retention rate after 15 years of industry service. We build operating procedures custom tailored to each customer location based on their needs and processes. Each customer has a dedicated account manager to help make the most of their system.




We use the latest products for your site. No system is too small, no enterprise too large for our dynamic security designs, enabling us to add cameras and other equipment to grow with your needs.

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