Beyer Auto Group

About Beyer Auto Group:

Based in Morristown, New Jersey, Beyer Auto Group is comprised of four dealership locations that sell retail, light, medium and heavy-duty new and used vehicles. The fast-growing dealership currently owns the following franchises: Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, GMC, Volvo Truck, Isuzu and Oshkosh. The Beyer group is known for its fleet and truck services, and currently supplies and sells to the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania police departments. Beyer proudly serves customers in the Morristown, East Hanover, and Fairview areas.

The Problem/Challenge:

Prior to working with Eyewitness Surveillance (Eyewitness), the Beyer dealerships had a contact alarm system in place and an interior camera system, which were not integrated with one another. The dealership’s system was not secure or safe, and as a result, multiple incidents of suspicious activity and theft would occur throughout the day or at night.

Without adequate, broad-reaching camera views to capture this activity, Beyer Dealer Principal, Bridget Beyer, had a difficult time tracking and/or prosecuting the offenders to recoup the costs of lost or damaged inventory. In addition, the dealerships’ various locations compounded the challenge of securing and managing their operations and inventory 24/7.

The Solution:

To address these issues and challenges, Beyer Auto Group partnered with Eyewitness Surveillance, the industry leader in remote interactive video surveillance specializing in serving mid and large-sized automotive dealerships. Their existing cameras were replaced and augmented with Eyewitness’s technology at all four locations to be directly connected to the contact alarm system and a centralized control and monitoring computer.

In addition to replacing cameras the eyewitness team added audio capabilities to enhance their security solution.  Coupled with analytics installed on the cameras and the protocols and customized responses in their live monitoring station, Eyewitness now has the ability to actively engage and report on incidents in real time.  Additionally, with 30+ days of archival footage, The Beyer Auto Group has all the evidence needed should they want to pursue action against anyone causing harm to their lots.  This footage also allows the group optimal tracking and management capabilities to eliminate theft and costly inventory losses.

The Results:

Since the beginning of their partnership with Eyewitness, Beyer Auto Group has seen positive impacts on the organization’s bottom-line and future growth potential. Eyewitness’s remote video surveillance system is the key factor in the prevention of theft and damage, which has continued to deliver a return on investment for Beyer Auto Group.

In a specific example, at the Beyer Chrysler Dodge, Jeep, Ram, (CDJR), Eyewitness played a substantial role in protecting the dealership’s inventory which resulted in an arrest and loss prevention of tens of thousands of dollars. A dramatic incident of suspicious activity occurred when suspects attempted to steal items from the CDJR dealership lot. Eyewitness Remote Surveillance Officers monitored the suspects’ activity on the property. Then, Eyewitness dispatched the police, directing them to the exact location of the suspects, which resulted in their arrest.

In addition, Eyewitness’s interactive real-time monitoring capability has helped to deter numerous other incidents at the Beyer Auto Group’s dealership locations, including 6 recent cases in which the dealership and local law enforcement were able to apprehend suspects. This ability has been critical in driving the little to zero loss or damage to vehicles and high-end parts that the dealerships have continued to experience.

Other key benefits Eyewitness’s remote video monitoring solutions have delivered to the Beyer Auto Group include:

  • More efficient overall management of the four dealerships located state-wide, with the ability to ‘have eyes on each location at all times,’ simultaneously; and
  • Increased value during the day in monitoring employee activity, useful in the validation and approval of costly worker’s compensation claims and to track and reduce damage to customer vehicles in the dealership lot.
"Eyewitness’s ability to monitor our four dealerships at all times has positively impacted our bottom line and operations management…Eyewitness is run professionally and the team is extremely responsive. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future."
Bridget Beyer
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