Bill Knight Lincoln

The Company:

Bill Knight Lincoln

The Location:

Tulsa, OK

The Product:

Video Monitoring

The Problem/Challenge:

  • Vandalism 
  • Break-ins, especially targeted to collision customer cars, going unnoticed and not prevented 
  • Property damage and loss 

The Solution:

For a long time, local auto lots in Tulsa had been plagued by vandalism, damage and theft. Bill Knight, owner of multiple dealerships in the area, recognized the need for a fix after suffering broken windows, scratched cars and stolen property. While many other dealerships in his region went with unmonitored cameras, Bill knew that this was a problem deserving of attention and a full-throttle solution. 

In the year since he has been a customer of Eyewitness Surveillance, he has noticed a near-immediate decrease in damaged cars and attempted thefts. Since a large portion of the property is devoted to collision and repairs, the majority of cars attacked were customer cars. “A year ago,” says Bill, “vehicles would be broken into overnight and we wouldn’t know until the following morning. That was our normal experience. We would have to give customers the bad news, cover the cost of damages (which would increase our insurance premiums) and customers were upset.” A particularly prevalent problem would be customers leaving valuables inside, which became beacons to area criminals. 

But now, that once commonplace threat has decreased greatly. Thanks to Eyewitness Surveillance’s remote video monitoring, intruders are actively deterred off the property or, in more extreme cases, set up for a just arrest. “Thanks to [Eyewitness] these guys are being caught early and more theft is prevented,” Bill extols. 

This strength in monitoring came to a head in the early hours of April 10th, 2018. Well before daybreak, an Eyewitness Remote Security Professional (RSP) noticed activity on the lot as two intruders trespassed onto the property and began entering vehicles. The RSP immediately dispatched police, remaining on the line with the dispatcher and advising the officers of the criminals’ whereabouts and movements. Thanks to that quick thinking and vigilant monitoring, officers were not only able to arrest the two individuals (who had attempted, in a futile effort, to hide in the bushes) but were also able to recover a bag of the items they had plucked from the customer cars on the lot. 

Bill Knight estimates that this one night of monitoring alone saved his dealership “at minimum $25,000. [These criminals] will break windows, steal things – there are enough cars on that lot for them to have easily cost us at least $25,000.” Bill also gives this major arrest an additional value in terms of future prevention. “What happened here will permeate their community and word is out: don’t mess with us!” 

As not only the owner of multiple dealerships but also a part owner of Penske Ford La Mesa, Bill says he spreads the word about Eyewitness to all who will listen. “Their professionalism and their relationships with the police, and how they share footage and stills to help with investigations, really helps us out… I shared that experience with Roger Penske Jr. Even before tonight’s arrest, the professionalism and monitoring of cameras allows them to engage and get people off our lot!” 

With Eyewitness Surveillance’s eyes always on intruders and the police always at the ready, criminals are having a much tougher time getting away with theft and vandalism than ever before. 

"Even before tonight’s arrest, the professionalism and monitoring of cameras allows them to engage and get people off our lot!"
Bill Knight
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