The Industry:


The Location:

Chevy Buick GMC of Murfreesboro

The Location:

Murfreesboro, TN

The Product:

Service Lane Kits

The Problem/Challenge:

When customers would pick up their cars after being serviced, many a time they would claim the technicians had caused damage to their vehicles and demanded it be fixed at the dealership’s expense – and, as there was no way to verify if the customers were telling the truth, they would end up covering the cost of repairs. 

The Solution:

Eyewitness Surveillance offers more than just monitoring for theft in the form of Service Lane Kits! These three camera systems are installed at the entrance to service bays and capture detailed images of all sides (and the tops) of every car that comes in, meaning any potential previous damage is documented indisputably. 

The Breakdown:

When a customer picks up a newly serviced car from the dealership, it is almost a universal truth that the first thing they do is look for damage. And, whether intentionally lying or simply stemming from a case of having overlooked it previously, more often than not when a scratch or a ding is found, the customer is going back to the dealership and complaining that their car was damaged in the servicing process. 

Without any concrete proof one way or the other, it becomes a matter of simply taking the customer’s word for it and it usually defaults to the customer always being right. That is how it was just a little less than a year ago at Chevy Buick GMC of Murfreesboro. 

However, with the addition of Eyewitness Surveillance’s Service Lane Kits, the uncertainty of ‘was this really our fault?’ is virtually eliminated. With a trio of cameras that document every car coming into the service bay, Ron van de Kraats, the Service Manager, is now able to easily compare claims against that recorded footage and, more often than not, prove the damage to be preexisting and the dealership to be not at fault. 

“We’ve only had the Service Lane cameras installed for about eight to ten months, but in that time, we have had forty-four people accuse us of damaging their vehicles and only eight of those have been correct,” Ron reports. 

The Service Lane Kit cameras have saved the dealership thousands of dollars, disproving the damage of things as small as a scraped wheel to as large as a scrape the entire length of a truck. Having a customer come in with a damage claim used to fill the service department with dread because there was almost nothing they could do – now, however, Ron exclaims: “I get happy! Because I know I can irrefutably prove who did [the damage.] I tell them: Good news! Because we have special cameras for your protection as much as ours!” 

The Service Lane Kits are a no-brainer for this dealership. “For only a few hundred dollars a month, they have saved me many thousands of dollars, from a [potential] $200 scratch to a $1,000 fender crease and more! I’m not sure why every dealership in the country doesn’t have them!” 

"I’m not sure why every dealership in the country doesn’t have Service Lane Kits!"
Ron van de Kraats
Service Manager
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