The Industry:


The Location:

Heritage Honda

The Location:

Baltimore, MD

The Product:

Video monitoring

The Problem/Challenge:

Bold and brazen wheel thieves who knew exactly what they were doing have targeted this car lot with a specific plan of theft in mind – not once, but twice! 

The Solution:

Eyewitness Surveillance utilizes not only cameras equipped with advanced analytics but employs remote surveillance professionals (RSPs) that are trained to detect threats and react with speed to dispatch police.  

The Breakdown:

When clearly knowledgeable thieves targeted Heritage Honda in the fall of 2017, they had one goal in mind: stealing available wheels. Unluckily for them, Eyewitness RSPs were watching the property and were able to track down the thieves and have them arrested. 

In a bizarre twist of fate, a new devious duo attempted the exact same crime almost exactly a year later – one that ended, again, in the exact same result, thanks to technology and a quick response from our central station. 

On the night of September 27th, 2018, thieves pulled up, looking to score a big haul. Service Manager Steve Berman says, “they parked on a side street beside the lot and walked onsite real casually – without a care in the world, almost like they were going to grab a burger.” These two knew what they were doing. They had with them a flashlight and were scanning the rows of cars rapidly, looking down at the wheels. They had one objective in mind: find a vehicle without wheel locks. 

In what they perceived to be a jackpot, a brand-new vehicle that had just been dropped off before close of business was found without wheel locks and the first of the two thieves went right to work dismantling the tires and rims. “They knew exactly what they were looking for,” Steve Berman reports. “There is a specific style of car for which rims and tires are very expensive. They also use a uni-lug pattern so the wheels are easy to remove and replace.” 

Meanwhile, the second thief had found a customer car that fit the bill and was beginning to jack that one up to start the same process. 

Unfortunately for them, Eyewitness was watching the whole event and had already dispatched the police. Both criminals ended up arrested (and the rims and tires returned.) “It was less than thirty minutes from the second those guys entered the lot to them being placed in handcuffs,” Steve says. “If it weren’t for [Eyewitness] there would have been no way for anyone to have caught them.” 

In this one foiled theft alone, the dealership was saved from a loss of around $4,300. And Steve Berman is thankful to have professional eyes on his property at all times after operations shut down. Regarding the same attempted theft last year, he says: “I saw the footage, too, and you really had to know what you were looking for. Whoever was watching was on top of it!” Without the help of cameras, analytics and our RSPs, the thieves would have been able to complete their crime unnoticed. 

As a word of advice to fellow dealers, Steve wants to make sure one simple theft deterrent is always followed: “Wheel locks! Any car that has expensive alloy wheels – make sure you put wheel locks on them or you’re going to be targeted.” With a combination of physical locks and professional surveillance, any dealership is sure to be on track to preventing theft. 

"“If it weren’t for [Eyewitness] there would have been no way for anyone to have caught them.”"
Steve Berman
Service Manager
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