Kelly Auto Group

A rapidly-growing automotive dealership, Kelly Auto Group is focused on providing top service to customers in a trusted and value-driven environment across Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley since its founding in 1967.

To increase the dealership’s growth potential, Kelly Auto Group was in need of a one-stop, all-inclusive solution that could:

  • Secure the dealership’s more than $1 million in inventory assets (at each location);
  • Deliver complete, effective coverage of Kelly Auto Group’s six locations;
  • Deliver a surveillance system to better monitor its car lots both during business hours and overnight;
  • Have the ability to effectively track traffic control at the dealership locations throughout the day; and
  • Provide a robust forecasting system to accurately project trends for the busiest days, as well as traffic flow, among others, to optimize service, sales, and advertising methods and strategies.

We are dedicated to generating immediate value to automotive dealers by designing specialized solutions to address both their security and operational needs,” said Eyewitness CEO, Rush McCloy. “Based on Kelly Auto Group’s goals and objectives, we designed and installed the system, and continue to refine it as their needs evolve.  We are focused on protecting their assets, helping them understand their operations, and helping to drive more business.”

Since partnering with Eyewitness, Kelly Auto Group has generated measurable results, including:

  • Significant reduction of operational costs, including asset loss, which totaled over $20,000 in one year alone – brought down to $0 after partnering with Eyewitness;
  • An 11% reduction in annual insurance premiums through more efficient monitoring;
  • Greatly improved customer satisfaction stemming from a more responsive, efficient sales team; and
  • A marked increase in car sales, totaling several hundred over the previous year, aided by the increased responsiveness, tracking, and accountability efforts enabled by the total-coverage, 24/7 monitoring infrastructure now in place.

"Our relationship with Eyewitness over the past year and a half has been mutually beneficial to both of our organizations as we continue to grow and achieve new heights of service and business success"
Dan Moyer
Fixed Operations Director/Partner
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