The Industry:
Scrap & Recycling

The Location:
Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Co.

The Location:
Detroit, MI

The Product:
Exterior cameras, video retrieval

The Problem/Challenge:
A fence, previously undamaged, was found to be smashed in and no one had come forward to take responsibility or even alert the company to the damaged caused.

The Solution:
Eyewitness Surveillance exterior cameras are always rolling – even during non-monitored hours.

The Breakdown:
Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal was welcomed into the Eyewitness fold during the acquisition of Watchdog Virtual Guard, so they are no stranger to the benefits and operations of having top quality cameras monitoring and recording all around their facility.

While surveillance cameras were typically – and most frequently – used for nighttime monitoring and theft deterrent, Kimmel found there was another money-saving use for their setup.

When employees noticed a gate on the property sporting some fresh and intense damage, it was obvious someone had smashed into it but, alas, did not inform anyone at the facility. Without having a way to track down the responsible party, Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal was about to be on the hook for $3,400 in damage repair costs.

Luckily for them, however, they had an army of cameras with saved footage ready and waiting. Ken Schutt, COO, was well aware of the power of a video retrieval and went right to work to go back through the footage and find the exact moment the hit occurred – and who the responsible party was. It turned out it was a vendor – a trucking company – who hit the gate squarely. In fact, Ken notes, “he hit the gate and, after, he even had to back up off of it and readjust to reenter, so there was no doubt about it that he knew he hit the gate –he just didn’t mention it.”

With this indisputable evidence recorded, he was able to go directly to the company and have them pay up for the damage with no issue.

“[Working with Eyewitness] has been a good experience,” Ken praises. “We started out with Watchdog for many years and that team was phenomenal. With the transition [to Eyewitness] everything has been so smooth and they’ve really kept the ball rolling. [We’ve] been very happy with the new
management – [Eyewitness] retained good employees and every new person has stepped up and been amazing.”

Thanks to Eyewitness, Kimmel Scrap Iron & Metal Co. Is not just protected from theft at night – but from damages and false liability 24/7.

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