The Industry:


The Location:

Columbus, Ohio

The Dealership:

Germain Lexus of Easton

The Product:

Service Lane Kits, Video Retrieval

The Problem/Challenge:

A customer was claiming the service bay had scratched and damaged their car and were calling on the dealership to cover the cost of repairs.

The Solution:

Eyewitness Service Lane Kits, which record footage of every car’s top and both sides at entry to the service bay were the key. Pulling up footage from that date, our video retrieval team was able to show that the car came into the dealership with those scratches and dents already there.

The Breakdown:

When a customer came to a dealership’s service manager claiming the techs had dented, scratched and damaged the rear bumper of their car, that same service manager then turned to Eyewitness for help.

Our retrieval team accessed the Service Lane Kit cameras to look for damage to the rear driver side of a Gold RX in the service drive. After video review, it was readily apparent there was damage present on the rear driver side quarter panel when the vehicle arrived on the drive.

Armed with this footage as proof, the dealership was able to come back to the customer and show the damage was not caused by the service bay, thus saving about $1,500 in false claims payouts.

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