The Industry:


The Location:

Troy, MI

The Product:

Outdoor Cameras

The Problem/Challenge:

  • A car on their lot that had been damage-free suddenly had scrapes and dents consistent with being run into and the dealership was on the hook for covering the cost of repairs. 

The Solution:

Eyewitness cameras caught the whole thing. Even during daylight hours, when these cameras are not actively monitored, they are always recording and the Eyewitness Surveillance video retrieval team is able to dig up footage by timeframe and across multiple cameras. 

The Breakdown:

This Michigan dealership had only been a live, Eyewitness remote video surveillance monitored site for two days when their Service Manager found himself in need of video retrieval. A car that had been parked on their lot for only a few hours suddenly appeared to have scratches, dents and some decent damage visible on the body – the whole front bumper was pretty banged up. 

Armed with that timeframe knowledge and the new handiness of his Eyewitness cameras, the manager was able to get the recorded footage combed through and could see very clearly when a delivery truck backed directly into the car and then left without telling anyone.  

When they went to call the trucking company, he said he could tell he was about to get the runaround. “That’s never happened before,” the operator told him. But when the service manager told him he had clear, recorded footage of the truck driving into the vehicle, the tune changed. 

“This video saved us,” he extols. Armed with this footage as irrefutable proof, the trucking company has no choice but to cough up the repair fees. “Thank you,” he says. “I was able to use your video to find the incident. We were able to contact them [the supply truck company] and they are now covering the $2,000 damage instead of us!”” 

Being only a week into their newfound Eyewitness family, this dealership is already reaping the rewards. In fact, they have another video retrieval in the works with us! “We have numerous parking lot incidents of cars parked in the back where they all the sudden have scratches. We’re [using your footage] to look into how and when this happens. Whatever answers we find will either result in money saved in repairs or, if – worst case – it shows an employee, we will be able to act on it.” 

Remote surveillance cameras, this just goes to show, can be a boon in many ways. Whether it is catching and stopping the bad guys at night or recording and proving daytime negligence, having the ability to call up video as needed can be an absolute lifesaver. This manager proclaims: “This has been a valuable tool already in a lot of ways – I’m a fan!” 

"This has been a valuable tool already in a lot of ways – I’m a fan!"
Dealership Service Manager
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