About Vinart Auto Group:

Based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Vinart Auto Group is comprised of four locations that sell new and used vehicles, as well as run a collision repair center. The well-respected dealership currently owns the following franchises: Acura, Hyundai, and Honda.

The Problem/Challenge:

Locating Inventory, Long Waits for Test Drives, Minimizing Wasted Time

The Solution:

When you talk to any dealer about time spent tracking down inventory on and across their lots, it is apparent that the current system is not only time-consuming, but it is flat-out ineffective. That was the inspiration behind TRAXx: the next evolution in efficient, secure, and real-time inventory location. Using smart beacon technology, TRAXx is able to locate any vehicle using specific or zone-based mapping of your entire dealership and storage lots. It can also integrate with our monitoring platform providing an extra layer of security.

Dealers across the country are no stranger to the fact that finding inventory on large – and often times – multiple lots is not only time-consuming for the dealerships themselves, but also can result in a sub-optimal customer experience. When a customer comes in to test drive a car, they are excited and there is momentum behind their interest. That excitement, though, can diminish with perceived long wait times and a sale can be impacted.

Eoin Walshe, the General Sales Manager for Lehigh Valley Acura, has been using TRAXx at his dealership in Pennsylvania for the past few months and is already raving about the results. According to Mr. Walshe, the “old system of walking around pushing the remote buttons on keys until you find the car is cumbersome” and oftentimes can result in lost keys. Even if a dealer keeps the primary set of keys attached to the car via a keybox, there is always a likelihood of the second set of keys getting lost. With TRAXx, the need to send out porters wandering around lots hitting the alarm button to locate a car is virtually eliminated. Each car is tagged with a beacon before putting it on the lot, the beacon associates the car with the dealer management system and the location is stored in the app. It’s a very simple process. To locate a car, an employee simply opens the app and can see right away where it’s located.

Lehigh Valley Acura started using TRAXx for their new car sales side, however, have alsofound limitless possibilities for installing it in service and, quite interestingly, during the re-conditioning process of used cars to provide better tracking and analytics. Mr. Walshe notes that there is quite an involved reconditioning process in prepping newly acquired pre-owned cars for sale. “From intake to the body shop, to detailing, then to inventory, it is a long process involving lots of places. A used car manager could highlight its location in the process, log what area it is in, and see how close it is to coming on [their] lot.” He notes that used car sales have hundreds of cars coming on and off the lot in a month – between trade-ins, auction purchases, etc. there is a lot of inventory to track that is usually not easily located.

TRAXx easily integrates with dealer management systems, solves a universal problem that all dealers struggle with and saves money and time while providing a better customer experience that it will very easily be seen as a necessity rather than a luxury for any dealership. When asked if he would recommend the product, Mr. Walshe answered with a resounding and enthusiastic “I would!”

The Impact:

  • Cars located in record time, cutting down on time and money waste
  • Reduced time to test drive
  • Inventory audits efficiency tightened
  • Inventory location radius cut down to mere yards versus multiple lots
"The old system of walking around pushing the remote buttons on keys until you find the car is cumbersome and oftentimes can result in lost keys… I would recommend [this product]!"
Eoin Walshe
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