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How to Secure Your Remote Recycling Facility

Telling ne’er-do-wells that you’ll call the police is an excellent deterrent… if you know they’ll respond right away. The fact is, many recycling facilities, junkyards, and similar industrial spaces are comparatively remote. (They need to be, to afford the sort

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Stop Employee Theft Through Positive Workplace Culture

Managing an automotive dealership requires more than top-notch sales employees and vehicles available for sale. You need a culture that encourages positive growth for everyone, from the company down to the individual. Improving the overall workplace culture within your dealership not

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The History of Six Commercial Security Systems

While making the Security Systems 101 industry guide, we got lost down the proverbial rabbit hole that is the history of each of the six security systems we cover: Security Guards, Guard Dogs, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Remote Video Surveillance, Keyless Access

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Block Security Camera Hackers in 4 Steps

With the advent of the Internet of Things, increased functionality and convenience can lead to decreased privacy and security. Wikileaks, for example, released documents on March 7, 2017, that indicated the CIA can hack civilians’ smart devices as part of

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What 2017 Will Hold For Security Technology

As the automotive market continues to evolve, so do security measures to protect dealership and customer investments. Reported automotive computer hijacking is on the rise as automakers continue to race to create the best computer systems for an ever-evolving automotive

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