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Fight Fluff Fires With Four Simple Solutions

There are dozens of fluff fires in scrap yards across the United States every year, with piles of shredded car upholstery and tires spontaneously combusting like damp hay on a farm. There were 23 of them from 2010-2012 in California

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Stop Employee Theft Through Positive Workplace Culture

Managing an automotive dealership requires more than top-notch sales employees and vehicles available for sale. You need a culture that encourages positive growth for everyone, from the company down to the individual. Improving the overall workplace culture within your dealership not

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12 Common Signs of Scrap Metal Thieves

The opportunity for a quick buck entices ne’er-do-wells to sell stolen scrap metal to their local industrial recycling yard. Unfortunately, this action has dual consequences. First, businesses and organizations must replace the stolen goods, since the metal may never be

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4 Workplace Accidents Lurking In Your Service Area

Workplace accidents may be a concern throughout your car dealership, but there’s no greater risk area than your service department. Hazardous chemicals, heavy equipment, high-power electrical lines, even loud noise—these all can lead to expensive worker’s compensation payouts and increased

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