The Eyewitness National Crime Alert for April 13, 2020

These incidents were reported across the country from 04.06.20 to 04.12.20

Skagit County, WA – Reported 04.06.20

Two Cars Stolen from Showroom

A car valued at $20,000 and one valued at around $5,000 were both stolen from an auto lot’s showroom this past weekend. Though no arrests have been made, police managed to locate the two vehicles, abandoned, the next day. (Original story

St. Louis, MO – Reported 04.07.20

Gang of 10 Raids Dealership, Steals Truck

Criminals have been adding pandemonium to an already tense pandemic as they continue to work in large gangs to burglarize local businesses. At one dealership in St. Louis, a group of 10 masked individuals broke in and looted the offices, stealing important papers and a new truck. St. Louis police report seeing a 20% increase in break-ins since the COVID-19 crisis began. (Original story

Anderson, SC – Reported 04.08.20

Daytime Scrap Fire

Firetrucks rushed to the scene at a recycling yard where three scrapped refrigerators were ablaze. Units were able to quickly douse the flames. (Original story

Corcoran, CA– Reported 04.09.20

Dealership Truck Thief Arrested

Around 4 am, police were called to a dealership after a man broke in, stole a truck and drove away with it through the fence. The vehicle, however, was equipped with tracking and officers were able to locate it, recover it and arrest the thief, who had begun to flee on foot. At the time of his arrest, he also had on his person several items stolen from the truck. (Original story

Baytown, TX – Reported 04.10.20

Stolen Car Possibly Used in Other Robbery

Officers located a dealership’s stolen car, abandoned, after receiving reports that a vehicle matching its description may have been used in a robbery at another store. (Original story

Rome, NY – Reported 04.10.20

Two Auto Thefts from Same Dealership on Two Different Nights

One local dealership seems to be the place of choice for a thief or thieves. A car stolen over the past weekend as well as one then stolen a few nights later have both been recovered by police behind the same apartment complex, though no arrests have been made. (Original story

Hanford, CA – Reported 04.10.20

One Man Arrested for Stealing Two Cars

After taking a car from dealership employee by force, a man was tracked down and arrested by police. After locating him, they determined him to be the same subject that had been arrested for a car theft and for cutting off his ankle monitor just a day prior. (Original story

Dayton, OH – Reported 04.10.20

Large Scrap Fire

Several fire crews rushed to extinguish a large fire overnight at a scrap yard after fluff piles sparked and caught fire. The cause is attributed to routine scrap overheating. (Original story

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