The Eyewitness Success Blotter for April 24, 2020

These wins for local business owners happened between April 17, 2020 & April 24, 2020

We start off each week bringing you the news of crimes across the country – some without happy endings or resolutions, some where the bad guys get away. So, to that end, we like to end each week by providing you with a roundup of some of the best Eyewitness Success stories for the week – times when the good guys won and local businesses were protected from the worst.

Wanted Man Arrested for Burglary

Arrest in Washington, DC

Date: 04.19.20     Metro Area: Washington, DC

An individual was seen walking on the lot and quickly disappeared between buildings. Police was dispatched and arrived quickly.

They were having trouble locating the individual as our team assisted them with his last known location. Soon after, he emerged from where he was last observed and was seen leaving the property; his direction of travel was given to the officers, and police headed in his direction.

Soon after, police informed us that they had located the intruder off the lot, and he was found with a bag of tools on him. The officers believed he was going to break into the business. They stated that the same individual was wanted for another burglary that had taken place at another property, recently, and that he was being placed under arrest.

Man Arrested For Trespassing

Date: 04.20.20     Metro Area: Washington, DC

An individual was seen pulling on car door handles and was able to find an open one. He entered the vehicle and sat in the car.

Police was dispatched and arrived soon after. They were not able to locate the individual so they left. Our team called back to update them that the individual was still in the vehicle.

Police returned again and were directed to the vehicle in-question. Officers found him still in the vehicle and removed him from it and arrested him.

Man Arrested For Pulling on Door Handles

Arrest in Indianapolis

Date: 04.22.20     Metro Area: Indianapolis, IN

A man was spotted on the lot of a dealership pulling on door handles to check if any vehicles were left unlocked. Police was dispatched immediately.

Officers arrived quickly and were able to locate the individual inside one of the cars thanks to our RSP who stayed on the phone and told them where he was. He had found an unlocked car and was sitting inside when they apprehended him.

This is a good reminder to check all vehicles to make sure they are locked at night and keys are in a secure location.

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